Tailor made

We specialize in software engineering. From embedded industrial software using machine learning algorithms, connected networks of devices sensing the world, to large scale mobile and cloud applications, we analyze, implement, deploy, and maintain everything for you.


Unlike any other

We treat every problem as unique. We design specific solutions that best fits the requirements.

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Like any other

We treat every problem with a systematic approach to ensure well structured solutions.


We use modern technologies that are proven and used across the industry. We love reliable, consistent, efficient and cross validated technologies that upgrade our world. We stay up to date and consistently renew our knowledge.

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We use the most popular, powerful, and reliable frameworks on the market. Angular, Spring Boot, NodeJS, MongoDB...



From Python, NodeJS, Angular, Java, C++, and many others, we choose the technology that suits your needs

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We collaborate with modern cloud based and self hosted tools, but can adapt to the tools you use.

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Our development workflow is fully automated from development to deployment using continuous integration and delivery systems. We love systematic, we love automation.


We deliver reliable, safe, highly tested software. Unit testing, integration testing, security testing, load testing and more. We make sure that the software we deliver behaves as expected in every possible situation.


Integration testing

We make sure that the code we write behaves as expected in every situation.


Load testing

We use a realistic approach to test our code by simulating hundreds of thousands of users interacting with our software.


Quality testing

Every line of code written at Charlie Bravo goes through a quality control check made by our automated CI systems to ensure they follow our standards.

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Production monitoring

We monitor all of our production systems to ensure they stay up and running at all times.


At Charlie Bravo, we optimize every single line of code because we know that efficient software makes the difference. We compare and use consistent and highly efficient algorithms that best solve our problems.

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It's not about doing the job, it's about doing it well, and fast.

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Time analysis

We compare algorithms complexity by performing various execution time analysis.

UX driven

We want you to have the best user experience. There's nothing we love more than beautifully engineered software. Our human-machine interaction knowledge enables us to build efficient, optimized, intuitive and beautiful user interfaces, signed by Charlie Bravo.

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Every interface we design is thought to be intuitive and efficient. It's not about looking good, it's about feeling good.



User interface development in no easy task. That's why at Charlie Bravo we involve our clients in every step of the user interfaces design process. We use agile methodologies to ensure great communication and productivity.


We are trusted by government and european agencies as well as small and medium companies around the world.

  • Asahi Glass Company
  • European Food Safety Agency
  • Institute for Belgian Postal and Telecommunications Services
  • Asahi Glass Company
  • University of Namur

Passion driven

Our team is curious, devoted, and passionate about technology, software, automation, electronics, 3D printing and engineering. We work hard, with passion, because we love embracing the power of technology to make your world better and your life simple.

Geoffroy Empain, Co-founder & CEO

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